Catering FAQ

Off-Site Events

How does pricing work?
Costs are based on guest count, location of event, hours of service, and additional add-ons such as toppings, sundae bar, ice cream sandwich bar, etc.

Do we need to provide utensils?
Nope! Everything is included with your service.

How does the sundae bar work?
This is a self-serve station we will provide a bar full of assorted toppings that your guests can pick and choose from at their hearts desire! (We will still scoop your ice cream for you!)

How does the ice cream sammie bar work?
Our staff will scoop whichever ice cream flavor each guest selects, to be enjoyed with cookies selected at a self-service bar.

How far is your staff willing to travel for an event?
Part of the catering cost is based on travel time, with that in mind we are willing to travel all over this beautiful state of Colorado!

Do I need to tip the scoopers at our event?
Automatic gratuity is applied on your invoice to reduce the hassle!

What if we want our venue or another caterer to serve the ice cream?
We offer a pickup option if you would like to just order ice cream for your event without our service! Visit our Factory Order Form to place an order online or call 303-993-2751.

Can I pick flavors from other Little Man locations?
Yes! Every flavor our locations use are made in our home factory and thus we can work with you to find the perfect selections for your event.

Would you like to speak to our Catering Manager, Hayley Hamilton?
Call her at 907-947-2685 or email